The city was a landscape by Ippolito Caffi covered with snow. That’s at least what I thought at the beginning and as I decided to pursue that image I saw snow everywhere: like a sheet of glass broken into a million intangible pieces; it lay on roof tiles, balconies, shutters, thresholds, window sills, and embankments depicting facades and the spread of water with glittering specks of white dust.

A tricky dream transformed the sultriness of summer into a wintry cold….
LEGGI IN ITALIANO: Venezia Neve Caffi IT

Breathtaking views by Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866) at the Museo Correr on show through January 8, 2017;  See the exhibition in Venice

above:   Ippolito Caffi,  Venezia,  Neve  e  nebbia  in  Canal  Grande,  1842,             Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
below:  Robert Morgan, Verso Marghera, 2009, private collection, London

43.Verso Marghera small


Have you ever noticed…

vml postcard full

…how people react when somebody says I’m going to Venice?

It may be just an hour away by airplane but everybody smiles and their eyes open as if it were a trip to the Moon, or honeymoon at least.

Have you ever noticed how people react when somebody says I live in Venice?

The usual reaction is: Aren’t you lucky!


Because of Venice. Venice is a dream, Venice is a talisman, it means instant happiness and love. We love our dreams and create a perfect place for them in our imagination.
In common imagination Venice embodies such a place,
an utter pursuit of beauty.

We can connect and improve human relationships through art, music, literature.
We connect through Venice, whether we are physically present there or not, because we connect through beauty.

Because Venice is Home. Home of Beauty. Home of Music. Home of Poetry. Home of Dreams.
And we are all lucky!

VeniceMyLove, founded in 2014 as a multidisciplinary project and website
creates, promotes, and organizes cultural events which bring people together
in the name of beauty and the universal value represented by Venice.

Eyes of water

eyes of water

look at me through eyes of water
and let our reflections touch
stay out of breath and kiss me
we’ll live on the water in our mouths

look at me through eyes of water
and let our reflections touch
stay out of breath and kiss me
we’ll live on the bread in our eyes

sing to me through lips of water
and let our reflections dance
stay out of breath and kiss me
we’ll live on the water in our eyes

we’ll live on the music in our mouths

Eyes of Water, from: Songs for My Teacup by Ewa Gorniak Morgan © 2015
Venetian Songs by John Axelrod © 2015
Premiered on August 29 at the Gritti Palace in Venice by the composer
and published in limited hand-bound edition by CHARTA Venezia

Home invitation

from nowhere with love

101.Joseph Brodsky

Because one’s love is greater than oneself.

Less than one.

May 24th, 2015. Joseph Brodsky would  have been 75 today. And today the Joseph Brodsky Museum was inaugurated in St. Petersburg thanks to the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund.

In loving memory watch:

And Venice is there, if you have to fast forward,  from: 31′:14” and at the end.

The foundation sponsors sojourns in Italy for promising Russian artists in collaboration with the American Academy in Rome, a dream of Joseph’s that is now become a reality. Consider your support.

The only portrait of Joseph in his lifetime was painted in 1986  in Venice by his friend Robert Morgan to whom “Watermark”, a captivating book about Venice, is dedicated.



Apollo, the god of music received his lyre from Hermes, the god of sport.
VeniceMyLove presents the new project by CultureALL uniting music and sport.

a unique promotional concept in collaboration with the Klagenfurt Symphony Orchestra, the Musikverein and the United World Games / a video featuring young musicians and athletes for an online media campaign associating sport and classical music / a concert at the Konzerthaus in Klagenfurt featuring music by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Richard Strauss

Sport is Music, Music is Sport – Play the Game for the Love of Music   CultureALL

 Probably the two best known natural medicines for the body, mind, heart and soul are sport and music. It is my belief that sport is music and music is sport.  The physical and psychological demands require a unique and consistent level of virtuosity and technical brilliance.  That is why, in Klagenfurt, host city of the United World Games, CultureAll, in partnership with the UWG and the KSO and Musikverein, presents the concert and produces a video to encourage younger audiences. Shakespeare wrote:        “if music be the food of love, then play on.”  Allow me to elaborate: If music and sport are also the source of well-being, then:  Play the game for the love of music!

I thank Franziskus Bertl, Matthias Partmann, Irina Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Gräfin Eva von Goess, Alessandro Panetto, Ewa Gorniak Morgan, Banque Lombard Odier and the KSO for this excellent collaboration.

John Axelrod, conductor and president of CultureALL Association


men of venice men of aran


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.46.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.49.13 PM


Quando visitai la sua ultima mostra volevo chiedere a Etta Lisa perché fotografa Venezia ma ad un tratto cominciammo a parlare delle isole di Aran. Al contrario di Etta Lisa io non le ho mai viste ma facevano parte del mio immaginario grazie al film di Flaherty.

La domanda perché fare foto a Venezia equivale a quella perché fare foto? Quando ho saputo che per Etta Lisa l’esperienza iniziale avvenne alle isole di Aran, ho capito perché ci trovammo a parlarne a Venezia. Da qui è partita l’idea di questa nuova mostra.

Isole non isolano ma mettono a fuoco. Ci offrono un’inquadratura ferma e precisa della condizione umana. Noi comunichiamo tramite le immagini dei luoghi e volti amati. Esse racchiudono la ricerca dell’amore di cui non osiamo parlare. Venezia ce lo dice in faccia offrendo incontri più belli e mai casuali.

WITH  fabbrica del vedere  AND  etta lisa basaldella






Fleeting Beauty

Marina Gelmi di Caporiacco and Robert Morgan at the Chiostro Madonna dell'Orto in Venice THE EXHIBITION HAD OVER 10000 VISITORS AND IS EXTENDED THROUGH NOVEMBER 22 photo by Alessandro Atwater

Marina Gelmi di Caporiacco and Robert Morgan
at the Chiostro Madonna dell’Orto in Venice
photo by Alessandro Atwater

READ MORE ON fleeting beauty


Redentore, 2011, o c, 70x106cm
One concert a day (a week, a month or as often as possible!)
keeps many doctors away!
We see people plugged into their headphones on the streets,
but fewer and fewer come to concerts.
Prices may be too high or perhaps they forget that there is nothing better for our ears and souls than live music.
Is there?
is a music charity association
which was launched at the Royal Castle in Warsaw last fall.
CultureALL loves Venice and the upcoming concerts will take place at Palladio’s Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. This architectural gem will be open free of admission for two concerts on September 5 and 6 featuring music by old masters and the world premiere of  Love’s Geometries by the renowned Italian composer, Fabio Vacchi, commissioned by CultureALL.
Palladio knew it too: all we need is love, i.e. music, of course, and that’s how
he built the most beautiful theatre in the world.

cover art by RM


Venice is the city of the future


I love Venice. This should be the city of the future:

we all go on boats, there are no cars, all you hear are human voices, footsteps,

you hear a drop of water or someone opening a shutter.

If this place can exist then we aren’t quite so bad as a human race.

read the interview with

Sir Jeffrey Tate

photo by eSeM