Have you ever noticed…

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…how people react when somebody says I’m going to Venice?

It may be just an hour away by airplane but everybody smiles and their eyes open as if it were a trip to the Moon, or honeymoon at least.

Have you ever noticed how people react when somebody says I live in Venice?

The usual reaction is: Aren’t you lucky!


Because of Venice. Venice is a dream, Venice is a talisman, it means instant happiness and love. We love our dreams and create a perfect place for them in our imagination.
In common imagination Venice embodies such a place,
an utter pursuit of beauty.

We can connect and improve human relationships through art, music, literature.
We connect through Venice, whether we are physically present there or not, because we connect through beauty.

Because Venice is Home. Home of Beauty. Home of Music. Home of Poetry. Home of Dreams.
And we are all lucky!

VeniceMyLove, founded in 2014 as a multidisciplinary project and website
creates, promotes, and organizes cultural events which bring people together
in the name of beauty and the universal value represented by Venice.