Redentore, 2011, o c, 70x106cm
One concert a day (a week, a month or as often as possible!)
keeps many doctors away!
We see people plugged into their headphones on the streets,
but fewer and fewer come to concerts.
Prices may be too high or perhaps they forget that there is nothing better for our ears and souls than live music.
Is there?
is a music charity association
which was launched at the Royal Castle in Warsaw last fall.
CultureALL loves Venice and the upcoming concerts will take place at Palladio’s Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. This architectural gem will be open free of admission for two concerts on September 5 and 6 featuring music by old masters and the world premiere of  Love’s Geometries by the renowned Italian composer, Fabio Vacchi, commissioned by CultureALL.
Palladio knew it too: all we need is love, i.e. music, of course, and that’s how
he built the most beautiful theatre in the world.

cover art by RM